Social Event

Participation with registration (until April 25) only!


SOCIAL EVENT – Rooftop Mensa Stremayrgasse 16

After a long conference day it may be fine for you to visit the Social Event.
To get there will take you about 25 minutes.
As you can see on the map, you can choose 3 options: Via Neutorgasse, via Radetzkystraße, via Schießstattgasse:


Tram Line 6 (Südtiroler Platz/ Kunsthaus > Neue Technik) plus 5 min. walk

Another option is to take the tram (Line 6 Direction St. Peter) from the Station “Südtiroler Platz /Kunsthaus” via Hauptplatz and Jakominiplatz to the Station “Neue Technik”. From there it is a 5 minutes walk to the Rooftop Mensa.


Tram Line 1 or 7 (Südtiroler Platz/ Kunsthaus > Jakominiplatz) plus 10 min. walk

You can take the tram line 1 or 7 from the Station “Südtiroler Platz/Kunsthaus” until Station Jakominiplatz too. But you have to get off the tram at the Station Jakominiplatz and take a 10 minutes walk from there to the Rooftop Mensa (Streymayrgasse). Map

From Jakominiplatz you can walk for about 10 minutes to the Rooftop Mensa (Stremayrgasse 16).


Please consider that in between the Stations Südtirolerplatz until Jakominiplatz you do not need a ticket because of the so called ALTSTADTBIM.

ALTSTADTBIM – Old Town Tram:

In the old town of Graz you can travel for FREE by tram, more precisely between Jakominiplatz and Hauptplatz plus one stop in both directions, for example to the Schlossbergplatz or the Kunsthaus!

7 days a week, from the first to the last service. The offer applies exclusively to trams and rail replacement services (lines 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 13, 26). Bus services are not included.

Each stop in the outdoor area is marked with the sticker "Altstadt Bim".


LEAVING the Social Event

For your way back home from the Social Event we recommend to walk to the Jakominplatz (10 min. walk) where nearly all of the buses and tram lines will bring you back to your apartment.

Overview: Tramlines ( so called “Bim” in German):