Hotel Weitzer Grieskai 12-14 8020 Graz

The conference will take place in 2022, May 2-4.




The 20th Annual STS Conference Graz 2022 "Critical Issues in Science, Technology and Society Studies" is the joint Annual Conference of the Science Technology and Society Unit (STS) of the Institute of Interactive Systems and Data Science of the Technical University of Graz, the Inter-University Research Centre for Technology, Work and Culture (IFZ) and the Institute for Advanced Studies of Science, Technology and Society (IAS-STS).


The conference is jointly organised by TU Graz, IFZ, IAS-STS; and supported by the province of Styria.





We aim to organize the Meeting according to the criteria of the Austrian Eco-label for Green Meetings. 














  • Ariane Voglhuber-Slavinsky
  • Astrid Weiss
  • Benjamin Sovacool
  • Christine Gschwendtner
  • Chunmei LIU
  • Colin Hill
  • Daniela Fuchs
  • Etienne Aucouturier
  • Florian Eyert
  • Helga Moser
  • Julia Stilke
  • Julius Konrad
  • Kay Cepera
  • Ketil Slagstad
  • Lukas Daniel Klausner
  • Martin Chevallier
  • Matthias Probst
  • Michaela Jahrbacher
  • Olga Statnaia
  • Thomas Vangeebergen
  • Zoltán Bajmócy
Conference Organization
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