4-6 May 2020
Europe/Vienna timezone

Travelling to Graz with little CO2 emissions

Research shows that travelling by train causes just 2% of the CO2 equivalent emissions which would be produced by an equivalent short-distance flight while an equivalent bus ride results in 7%. 

In 2019 travels to and from the STS Conference Graz produced approximately 123t of CO2 equivalent emissions, 96% of which were caused by flights. In an effort to reduce the carbon impact of our conference, we invite you to consider traveling by train or bus.

There are several options to travel to Graz via train or bus from all over Europe. To exemplify, we looked up a several connections (see below). Most of those are night-trains which comfortably get to to Vienna overnight. So you would only have to change once to get from Vienna to Graz the next morning.

From Country From Location Via With Booking Via
Austria Bregenz Vienna Nightjet 247 www.nightjet.com 
Austria Innsbruck direct Nightjet 465 www.nightjet.com 
Belgium Bruxelles Vienna Nightjet 50425 www.nightjet.com 
Bosnia and Herzegovina Sarajevo direct Flixbus www.Flixbus.at 
Czech Republic Prague direct Railjet 371 www.OEBB.at 
Germany Berlin Prague Eurocity 171 + Railjet 79 www.OEBB.at 
Germany Cologne Vienna Nightjet 50426 www.nightjet.com 
Germany Düsseldorf Vienna Nightjet 40421 www.nightjet.com 
Germany Frankfurt Vienna Nightjet 50427 www.nightjet.com 
Germany Hamburg Vienna Nightjet 491 www.nightjet.com 
Germany Munich direct EC 217 www.OEBB.at 
Germany Nürnberg Vienna Nightjet 50428 www.nightjet.com 
Hungary Budapest Vienna Railjet xpress 162 + Railjet 559 www.OEBB.at 
Italy Milano Vienna Nightjet 235 www.nightjet.com 
Italy Pisa Vienna Nightjet 1234 www.nightjet.com 
Italy Roma Vienna Nightjet 40294 www.nightjet.com 
Italy Venezia Vienna Nightjet 236 www.nightjet.com 
Netherlands Amsterdam Hannover, Munich IC 141, ICE 787, EC 219 www.OEBB.at 
Poland Warsaw Vienna EC 103 www.booking.polrail.co 
Romania Bucharest Budapest, Vienna Night Train 472, 62 https://rail.shop/cfr
Switzerland Zürich direct Nightjet 465 www.nightjet.com 


If you cannot find the correct travel operator for your travel, check out this website: https://rail.cc/en 

The following files were kindly provided by the Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB):
1. Route network Europe.pdf
2. Flyer Nightjet_english_short.pdf
3. Flyer Nightjet_german_long.pdf